FireRein Secures First Issued Patent for Eco-Gel™

June 21, 2018


patent protected

FireRein is pleased to announce that Eco-Gel™ is no longer patent pending in Canada. We now have an issued composition of matter patent, for Eco-Gel™.

Patent #: CA 2968882

Title: Water Enhancing, Fire Suppressing Hydrogels

“Eco-Gel™ represents a break-through firefighting water additive innovation. For the first time, firefighters have access to a highly effective fire suppression chemical that is 100% non-toxic and sustainable,” states Rui Resendes, President and CEO of FireRein. “With the recently issued Canadian Patent, we have taken a significant first step towards securing a strong, global, proprietary position for this transformative technology.”

About FireRein

FireRein Inc. is a Napanee, Ontario-based company dedicated to providing the firefighting community with effective, innovative and sustainable firefighting technologies.

FireRein has created Eco-Gel™ – the world’s first and only 100% bio-sourced and 100% food-grade firefighting water additive. When deployed through standard firefighting equipment, Eco-Gel™ transforms water into a potent firefighting solution that “sticks and stays” to any surface in any orientation. Eco-Gel™ outperforms incumbent water additives by knocking down fires faster while using less water and protecting the environment.

Eco-Gel™ represents a new class of firefighting water additive that addresses the emerging performance and environmental needs of the global fire protection industry.