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Disrupting The Fire Protection Industry

The mining sector, like other industry leaders, need a safe and functional alternative to the toxic synthetic firefighting foams. Legacy products that have commonly been used since the 1960s are simply not compliant with today’s standards. With increased awareness about PFAS components associated to these antiquated foams, an environmentally benign fire protection solution is certainly pivotal. The industry is demanding a product that provides assurance from corporate liability, promotes health and safety and garnishes environmental stewardship standpoints. Only Eco-Gel™ by FireRein answers and covers these needs.

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  • UL-certified effectiveness against Class-A, and polar and non-polar Class-B fires
  • Only Firefighting water additive USDA Bio Preferred certified 100% plant-based – benign to workers and the environment
  • Third-party verified rapid knockdown times and less water used compared to foam competitors and water alone
  • Lower per-fire utilization costs compared to foams, minimum agent remediation required
  • Sticks and Stays where applied as suppressant and short-term retardant
  • Drop-in replacement for foams using standard firefighting equipment Benefits
  • Cost benefits from lower per-fire utilization costs, better asset protection from rapid knockdowns and lower water damage, lesser clean-up compared to foams and water alone, and no specific remediation
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous: easy transport and no specialized storage
  • Contaminated firewater runoff is contained and confined
  • Lowers the risk of reignition
  • Prevents off-gassing of harmful and flammable vapours
  • Drop-in solution to toxic firefighting foam

How Eco-Gel™ Tackles Class A and Class B Fires

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  • Class A – 1 to 3 %
  • Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent – 3 to 6
  • Vapour Mitigation – 3 to 6 %
  • Lithium-Ion battery fires – 3 to 6 %
  • Fire protection for Hot Work activities like cutting grinding and welding – 2 to 3 %
  • Tire fires – 3 to 6 %
  • Vehicle and equipment fires -3 %
  • Dust control – at 0.5 to 2 %, Eco-Gel™ slows the evaporation rate of water, allowing it to be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Applications: blasting, underground ops, roads, misting conveyor systems.
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