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Eco Gel Carboy • FireRein EcoGel


Our flagship product Eco-Gel™ the world's first and only certified 100% bio-based, PFAS-free concentrate.

When Eco-Gel mixes with water, it creates a potent firefighting gel that is a direct replacement for toxic, PFAS-containing firefighting foam. It’s so safe that it is made of food-grade ingredients. Eco-Gel™ has been UL verified for class A and class B fires and certified through the USDA’s BioPreferred Program.

From here, FireRein created supporting products (listed below) to help prevent, protect and extinguish with a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

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Through Pump Proportioner™

The FireRein TPP™ (Through Pump Proportioner) represents an affordable, yet robust, all mechanical solution to introduce EcoGel™ into a firefighting water stream.

The FireRein TPP™ works by drafting Eco-Gel™ into the inlet side of a firefighting water pump. Since Eco-Gel™ contains no crosslinked particles or superabsorbent polymers, it is the only firefighting water additive that can be fed directly through a water pump.

Users can adjust the FireRein TPP™ drafting rate, as needed and while in use, to control the thickness and viscosity of the Eco-Gel™ fire prevention suppression hydrogel. 

TPP Device • FireRein EcoGel
Eco Rinse 1 • FireRein EcoGel


Eco-Rinse™ is an environmentally benign rinse aid designed to flush equipment and vessels used to deploy firefighting foam in preparation of switching to Eco-Gel. . Eco-Rinse™ allows end users to quickly and effectively clean equipment, pumps and nozzles.

Packaging Configurations

  • 20kg Carboy
  • 1000 kg tote

Fire Prevention Pump™

The Eco-Gel™ Fire Prevention Pump System represents an all-in-one firefighting and prevention solution that is fast, effective and deployable across a variety of terrains and industrial installations. Each portable rapid response system includes FireRein’s patented FPP™ (Fire Prevention Pump) – a robust, mechanical proportioning system optimized to maximize the attributes of Eco-Gel for fire prevention and suppression.

The Fire Prevention Pump System:

  • Variable Injection Rate With Built-in Flow Sensor
  • 120v/60hz (Available in 240/50Hz)
  • Encased by a rigid and durable, Pelican Case, Weight 52.6 lbs.
  • Case Dimensions: 22” Wide – 17” Deep – 8.25” High
  • Not Shown: Pressure Washer, Standard Diameter Garden Hose
FPP Case Gel • FireRein EcoGel
New HW Can • FireRein EcoGel


Thousands of structure fires are started each year because of hot work operations. It only takes a spark or ember to cause a disaster.

HotWorx™ is a temporary fire prevention coating used during cutting, grinding, soldering and welding that will form a barrier between heat sources and flammable surfaces. Protect your worksite and your home with this easy-to-use product. It effectively stops small, ordinary combustible fires, such as wood, paper and plastic.

“HotWorx™ is the most environmentally safe product to protect you and your loved ones by preventing fires in your home, work or on the job site.” Bill Stewart, Fire Chief, Toronto Fire Services (Retired)

Available now at Home Hardware, TSC and participating automotive part suppliers.