FireRein is a cleantech company founded by firefighters in rural Ontario, Canada.

Driven to eliminate the use of firefighting foams that contain PFAS and many toxic chemicals that can harm whole communities.

We provide a truly safe firefighting solution. Eco-Gel™ is a certified 100% bio-based product that is easy to use and can be washed away after use or removed as food waste.

Eco-Gel™ is UL listed and effective for suppressing A and B class fires. Our product uses less water and is an environmentally benign option.

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Certified 100%

It's so safe, it is made of food grade ingredients. In fact, FireRein Eco-Gel™ is certified through the USDA’s BioPreferred Program and is made from food grade material. This allows municipal fire departments and industry to use it without worrying about the potential for contamination of the fire site, health hazards to their personnel or water run-off.

& Certification

In fighting Class A and Class B fires, FireRein's patented Eco-Gel™ has proven to extinguish fires in half the time of traditional foams and gels. This allows municipal fire departments and industrial sites to more quickly protect the people and products they are responsible for, as well as prevent future fires from spreading. Our reliable and responsive product can be applied with standard proportioning equipment.

Easier to Use, Easier to Clean

FireRein Eco-Gel™ is a hydrogel that is completely soluble in any type of water. Once a fire is extinguished with Eco-Gel™, any residual hydrogel can be easily washed away with water – a garden hose will do!

Research & Development

With a dedication to innovation, research and development are at the heart of what we do. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve focused on our product improvement strategy, ensuring that our existing products continue to improve and new product lines are created to address fire safety.

We have an in-house science team led by Dr. David Hyndman, who has over 30 years of technology development and research management experience. David and the team continue to improve and prepare EcoGel™ as well as optimize the formulations for specialty applications. .

Our research and development team created our consumer product based on the core technology. HotWorx™, is a fire prevention spray that protects surfaces from ignition and reduces fire risk during hot work operations like cutting, grinding, welding, and torch work. This team also contributes to ongoing concept evaluation and specific testing supporting the ever-expanding FireRein patent portfolio.