FireRein Eco-Gel™ fights fire faster with less water and less mess than traditional foams and gels and is the world’s first and only certified 100% bio-based concentrate. So whether it’s municipal fire, aerospace, pulp and paper, or many other industries that deal with fire risk, FireRein gets the job done on time and on budget.

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Municipal Fire

Every day municipal fire departments are battling fires at homes, industrial buildings, vehicles, grasslands, and forests. Additionally, many are now handling litigation due to contamination from toxic foams that they were told were ‘safe.’ 

Municipal fire departments need a truly safe, efficient, and cost-effective fire suppressant to prevent reignition, protect firefighters and extinguish various fires. FireRein Eco-Gel™ offers all that and more. It works with standard proportioning equipment to fight fires faster, using less water than traditional gels and foams.

Moreover, EcoGel™ is certified 100% bio-based, meaning it has zero PFAS and can prevent future litigation caused by contaminated water sources. 

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Wildland & Urban Interface

When a fire ignites in the Wildland Urban Interface, time is limited. With more people living in the space between cities and forests, urban and rural fire departments and volunteer firefighters have to coordinate with each other, and their communities.

That’s why the suppressants used must be effective and efficient. FireRein Eco-Gel™ gets the job done faster and with less water than traditional foams and gels. It also acts as a barrier to prevent fire from spreading. And after the fire is out, it is easy to clean and non-toxic to the ecosystem. 

Waste Management & Recycling

The burgeoning recycling industry requires tremendous people power and major machines. In case of an accidental fire, a reliable and realistic solution is required. FireRein Eco-Gel™ knocks down fires faster with less water and less mess than traditional foams and gels, which allows auto wreckers and recycling agencies to get the job done on time and on budget.

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The mining sector needs an alternative to the toxic synthetic firefighting foams that have been in common use since the 1960s. With current awareness about PFAS components of legacy foams, an environmentally benign fire protection hydrogel is crucial from corporate liability, health and safety, and environmental stewardship standpoints. Only Eco-Gel from FireRein answers the need.

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industries are growing rapidly in Canada, with significant investment in R&D and manufacturing. In the US, billions of dollars are made exporting A&D goods. With new products and parts, it is essential that potential fires – starting from equipment or human error – are prevented. It is also essential that when fires are started they are extinguished quickly to protect the valuable materials. FireRein Eco-Gel™ fights fire faster with less water and less mess than traditional foams and gels.

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With recent investments in large petrochemical projects across the continent, producers know that they need an effective and efficient fire suppressant to keep their industry safe and their products on the go. FireRein Eco-Gel™ can prevent, protect, and extinguish Class B fires faster in a variety of extraction and processing environments. It uses less water, needs less clean up and can be easily applied with industry standard proportioning equipment. Eco-Gel™ concentrate is comprised of certified bio-based, food-grade ingredients and does not violate site permits or impact site emissions.

Dust Control

Climate change is causing hotter and dryer conditions, increasing the need for dust mitigation. Some areas have water shortage and clean water supply issues. Eco-Gel™ is an excellent dust mitigation tool, as it stays where applied longer than water without using any harmful chemicals. Certified 100% bio-based by both UL Environment and USDA making Eco-Gel™ a safer solution that protects your site from environmental contamination risks. FireRein’s Eco-Gel™ is a longer lasting product that reduces application time and costs, and is 100% environmentally safe.

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Trades & Do it Yourself

Sparks and embers caused by industrial, or DIY hot work can cause fires. Spark-safe your workspace with HotWorx™. When it is sprayed on any surface, the Hydrogel layer stays in place, absorbing heat and extinguishing any wayward sparks or embers. Perfect for welding, grinding, soldering, or torching. 

HotWorx’s patented formulation will provide protection and reduce risk of rekindle re-kindle until it is safely wiped or rinsed away. HotWorx™ is a fire prevention spray that stops small fires from becoming big problems.