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The easiest fire to fight is a fire that never happens. Eco-Gel™ functions as a short-term retardant when applied to grasses, brush, and wildland urban interface areas. On a large scale, a community threatened by an advancing wildfire can be protected by applying Eco-Gel™ to structures on the windward interface, to halt the creeping advance of the wildfire by depriving it of additional fuel. The layer of hydrogel is resilient to evaporation and completely safe for plant and animal biosystems. Its resistance to fire and certified 100% bio-based formula make Eco-Gel™ ideally suited for use when conducting prescribed burns. The Eco-Gel™ layer can be left in place after the threat of fire has passed, and it will naturally biodegrade.

One of the incredible advantages of using Eco-Gel™ is its ability to prevent extension of fire within structures and to adjacent properties threatened by fire. If a fire department is fighting a fire at 100 Pine Street, an important objective is to prevent extension to the house next door at 102 Pine Street. Coating the exposure with a layer of Eco-Gel™ will prevent the structure from succumbing to radiant heat, as well as stray embers which could propagate the fire. The same principle can be used during interior operations. Firefighters going up a staircase or down a hallway can apply Eco-Gel™ as they go, to prevent any extension of fire from threatening their means of egress.

“Hot work” being done in an industrial or construction environment is a significant cause of fires, some of which can result in very expensive property loss. The use of Eco-Gel™ or our spray-can product, HotWorx™ (for small-scale cutting, grinding or welding jobs), can prevent the use of open flame or the generation of sparks from igniting flammable surfaces on the job site. Clean-up is simple and safe due to the certified 100% bio-based formulation of our products.

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It has been established for decades that firefighters are at increased risk of contracting occupational cancers. Some of these cancers are linked to exposure to chemicals within firefighting foam. Not just firefighters, but their families are at increased risk. One study concluded that children of firefighters were twenty-seven times more likely to contract cancer than the general population. This is beyond frightening, it demands action.

PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), and other compounds containing fluorine, are present in many of the foams and other water additives used by fire departments today. These compounds, known as ‘forever chemicals’, contaminate groundwater, farmers’ wells, and community water supplies, as well as accumulating over time in wild plants, agricultural crops, and animals (including us). A recent study shows that even rainwater around the world is now contaminated with PFAS.

Eco-Gel™ by FireRein is equally effective, if not more effective, fire suppressant than the toxic compounds which are literally killing us and destroying our environment. We have the ability to protect our firefighters, their families and our precious environment through the responsible use of safe, certified 100% bio-based firefighting solutions. Eco-Gel™ by FireRein is the only such choice.


You don’t have to take our word for it, Eco-Gel™ by FireRein is listed by Underwriters Laboratories as a fire suppression agent. The extinguishing action of Eco-Gel™ on Class A fires is rapid and efficient, having been proven to be faster to knock down a structure fire than foam or water alone. The Stick & Stay property of Eco-Gel™ creates a resilient layer of hydrogel between flammable Class A surfaces, whether horizontal, vertical or overhead, and the oxygen in the surrounding air. Being over 97% water, the gel layer also cools hot materials. By simultaneously cooling and smothering a Class A fire, extinguishment is achieved quickly, with less water used, reduced runoff, and reduced water damage.

When applied to a Class B fire, Eco-Gel™ emulsifies and/or encapsulates the flammable liquid, isolating the fuel and excluding oxygen. Extinguishment is rapid, and the spill will not reignite. Eco-Gel™ is effective on Class B hydrocarbon fuels or polar solvents. No toxic or environmentally harmful products are introduced into the spill, and any runoff is in the form of a viscous material which is more easily managed than a liquid runoff.

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