Gaining Steam

March 15, 2018


two firefighterrs

FireRein’s Eco-Gel™ Outperforms Traditional Water Additives

Stone Mills Fire Department is leading the way by adopting Eco-Gel™ to prevent environmental contamination, protect firefighter’s exposure to harmful chemicals and extinguish fires faster. Since equipping the Enterprise station pumper with Eco-Gel™ they have effectively deployed it as part of their knockdown process on two structure fires and a multi vehicle fire.

And here is what the firefighters are saying:

“Eco-Gel™ is a 100% eco-friendly product that reins in a fire in record time & keeps it out. A first line of defense product that all fire departments should have in their tool box.”

“FireRein’s Eco-Gel™ is a proven product that allows for efficient and successful knockdowns. This advantage allows crews to limit spread and gain control of the fire quicker. The other great advantage is the reduced risk of rekindle. Trust is gained when a product proves itself, and this innovative tool does just that.”

two fire fighters

“I was able to use Eco-Gel™ on a transport fire, which was carrying full size pickup trucks. It impressed me in several ways. Not only was I able to extinguish the fire in multiple vehicles quickly, the gel stayed where it was applied and prevented any re-ignition. I also observed through a thermal imaging camera the gel bringing the burning tire and hub assembly from 800 degrees down to 100 degrees in about 15 seconds, which is very impressive. I find the gel to be very diverse and efficient in many applications, changing the way traditional methods and applications are utilized”.

“To my satisfaction not only was it chemically safe to firefighters to use I was told it was safe to get on your skin and even eat. As a Father, that’s important to me. My goal is to get home to my little girl safe and healthy after every run.”

“I personally used Eco-Gel ™ at a structure fire. I was up on the 2nd floor with my team to rip down a couple of interior walls to extinguish the fire between the walls where the fire was raging. We hit the fire up high with Eco-Gel™ and were amazed at how it got to the seat of the fire so fast. As the gel ran down the 2×6 studs that were free burning it smothered and controlled the fire better than water. Water would knock the flame out but would evaporate and allow the charred wood to rekindle in time, but the Eco-Gel™ covered the burnt charred wood and smothered the embers reducing the chance of rekindling.”

one fire fighter