FireRein Appoints New Board Chair

February 4, 2019


William Stewart

FireRein is pleased to announce the appointment of William Stewart as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Stewart was first elected to the FireRein Board as an independent director in June 2017, bringing with him over 39 years of fire service experience, including nine years as Fire Chief for the Toronto Fire Services. He is known for his honesty and integrity and is well respected within the industry.

” I am honoured to serve as the Chairman of FireRein and work with the members of the Board. Our fiduciary responsibility is to move the company forward in the interest of life safety for both the firefighters and public,” stated Mr. Stewart. “Further, I firmly believe the Eco-Gel™ product will have a major impact in extinguishing both Class A and Class B fires while also protecting our environment.”

Quincy Emmons, FireRein’s President and Co-founder, is also “honoured to have guidance and support from someone of Chief Stewart’s character,” and believes that “FireRein will grow stronger under Chief Stewart’s leadership.”

Please visit to read Mr. Stewart’s full bio.

About FireRein

FireRein Inc. is a Napanee, Ontario-based company dedicated to providing the firefighting community with effective, innovative and sustainable firefighting technologies.

FireRein has created Eco-Gel™ – the world’s first and only 100% bio-sourced and 100% food-grade firefighting water additive. When deployed through standard firefighting equipment, Eco-Gel™ transforms water into a potent firefighting solution that “sticks and stays” to any surface in any orientation. Eco-Gel™ outperforms incumbent water additives by knocking down fires faster while using less water and protecting the environment.

Eco-Gel™ represents a new class of firefighting water additive that addresses the emerging performance and environmental needs of the global fire protection industry.