FireRein Announces Municipal Equipment as Ontario Distributor

May 2, 2019


FireRein Inc. is pleased to announce that Municipal Equipment is a distributor for FireRein’s products in the Ontario fire service market.

“FireRein is pleased to be working with Municipal Equipment and to have access to their decades of experience providing quality products and exemplary customer service to Fire Departments across Ontario,” says Quincy Emmons, FireRein President. “Together, we look forward to providing a firefighting solution that is safer for firefighters and the communities they serve.”

Municipal Equipment is an established distributor of innovative products and disruptive technologies and is an excellent partner to mobilize the municipal market for FireRein in Ontario.

“We are quite excited to be representing FireRein’s Eco-Gel™ for the Ontario fire service market. Having considerable experience with firefighting additives, we quickly realized the strong potential of Eco-Gel™ for all municipal fire services,” says Steve Ferguson, Owner of Municipal Equipment. “Every day, more fire departments are becoming quite concerned about their firefighting water additives and how ‘green’ they are. The fact that this product is UL & USDA certified to be 100% biologically safe is huge for us and really fits in with our goal to offer ‘innovative solutions’ to our customers.”

Eco-Gel™ is a proprietary water additive, patented in Canada and the U.S., that is instantly transformed into a highly effective firefighting hydrogel when introduced into a water stream at concentrations ranging from 2 to 5% by volume. It overcomes the performance and environmental limitations of standard firefighting foams by producing a novel firefighting hydrogel that:

· knocks down Class A and B fires

· clings to vertical and overhead surfaces

· creates a safe egress path

· can form a fire break for bush and grass fires

· prevents re-ignition

municipal equipment • FireRein EcoGel

About Municipal Equipment

Municipal Equipment is a Canadian company with over 30 years of firefighting equipment sales experience operating across Southern Ontario.

Their mission is to provide clients a smaller selection of higher quality, innovative solutions. By focusing on only a few categories of equipment, Municipal Equipment can develop a higher level of mastery on the products they sell. Working with suppliers that feel the same way helps them achieve their goals.

Municipal Equipment strives to provide superior customer service using the old school approach of building strong relationships, sealed with a handshake.

For more information about Municipal Equipment visit:

Media Contact: Steve Ferguson,

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