As a clean tech company, FireRein, we are dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of PFAS and providing essential fire safety tips and information. It’s so important for firefighters to be aware of the risks associated with PFAS exposure and take steps to protect themselves. We hope that by sharing this information, we can help make firefighters’ jobs a little bit safer.

5 success stories

Top 5 Success Stories in 2018

“Last year was a very productive year for FireRein. We continued to improve our products, scale-up production, protect our intellectual property and gain market validation. I am proud to be

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two firefighterrs

Gaining Steam

FireRein’s Eco-Gel™ Outperforms Traditional Water Additives Stone Mills Fire Department is leading the way by adopting Eco-Gel™ to prevent environmental contamination, protect firefighter’s exposure to harmful chemicals and extinguish fires

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Investments Spark Growth at FireRein

Recent private and public sector investments, including funding from Natural Products Canada and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, have enabled FireRein to enhance our management team. FireRein is pleased to

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