FireRein has been featured in numerous news outlets highlighting the need to improve the firefighting industry with a safe product for the environment and those fighting fires. In a time when many municipalities are now handling litigation due to contamination from toxic foams that they were told were ‘safe,’ it is essential that we show our game-changing green technology EcoGel™. The world’s only certified 100% bio-based product that is easy to use and provides all the benefits firefighters are looking for in a water additive.

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FireRein Shifts to Produce Hand Sanitizer for Emergency Services

FireRein is doing its part to support emergency service workers through the COVID-19 pandemic by producing small batches of hand sanitizer for workers in Lennox & Addington, Hastings and Frontenac Counties. To date, FireRein has made over five hundred bottles following the guidelines established by the World Health Organization.

Napanee Company Says its Fire Suppressant is a Game-Changer

A Napanee startup is hoping to get its food-grade fire suppressant product into the hands of firefighters internationally. The co-founders of FireRein say their Hydrogel product, made from entirely food-grade ingredients, was created to address the concerns surrounding fire suppressant foam products that in recent years have proven to have health and environmental impacts.
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Has This Eastern Ontario Startup Created the Firefighting Product of the Future?

As Quincy Emmons and Zackery Hodgen watch the out-of-control bush fires burning in Australia, the two eastern Ontario firefighters believe they have a solution that could help douse those flames. But their new fire suppressant, developed here and patented in Canada and the United States, needs to pass stringent U.S. regulatory hurdles before it can be dropped from planes or helicopters over wildfires in Australia, California or even here at home.


Napanee Start Up FireRein Develops EcoGel, a Potential Game Changer in Firefighting


Ontario Startup Looking to Assist with Wildfires